Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Alternative Title: Moon-led Journey Across Another World

Synopsis (From MangaHelpers):

High school student Misumi Makoto is called into a fantasy world by the god Tsukuyomi, in order to be a hero. However, powerful others in this world aren’t as thrilled to have him there, and kick him to the edge of the world just as Tsukuyomi declares that he must leave Makoto to find his own way. Now it’s up to Makoto to find his own way!

Raw: http://www.alphapolis.co.jp/content/cover/931067230/

Wayback Machine Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20140308012015/http://ncode.syosetu.com/n0942bb/

POV Chapters: http://toriitranslations.animeholics.org/translations/tsuki-ga-michibiku-isekai-douchuu-pov-chapters/

Side Stories: http://kyoptionslibrary.blogspot.co.id/


  • Prologue to the wandering of a new world Arc

Prologue 1: This is the beginning of the autumn sky

Prologue 2: The farewell gift is a secret

Prologue 3: Goddess=Bug

Prologue POV: The meeting with the God of Moon, Tsukuyomi

  • Wandering in the ends of the world Arc

Chapter 1: Standing on a new world

Chapter 2: I rely on the scream

Chapter 3: Encounter with the First Villager, no this doesn’t count

Chapter 4: That which I have yearned for

Chapter 5: Unaware that it was cruel

Chapter 6: Uncertainty, the first fight is a boss

Chapter 7: The dream that the dragon shows me

Chapter 8: A delighful pledge

Chapter 9: The garden inside the mist

POV Chapter: Meeting with the mamono, Ema

Chapter 10: Human settlement is still far

Chapter 11: What they call true nature

Chapter 12: Shen, while regretting, obtains a lifetime partner.

Chapter 13: The garden seems to have increased its level

Chapter 14: Debut. My headaches have reached level 2

Chapter 15: Peace and Town, things that move farther the closer I get

Chapter 16: It’s written as ‘make over’ and read as ‘quagmire’

POV Chapter: Meeting with the demi-human, Beren

Chapter 17: Truth, despairing my birth

Chapter 18: Adventurer registration in the ‘last’ village

Chapter 19: Revenge on Kaku-san

Chapter 20: Ah~ is this the restaurant close to the river? It’s not!

Chapter 21: That night’s Tomoe

Chapter 22: I don’t want such a global language

Chapter 23: Mio’s feeling of worth

Chapter 24: Isn’t this a jewel box?!

Chapter 25: … What happened?

Chapter 26: Such a thing happened

POV Chapter 26.5: Hyuman, The Truth and an Encounter ~Rinon~

Chapter 27: Just in case, I will be doing it too you know?

Chapter 28: I get off the carriage and the babysitting ends

Chapter 29: Best night ’til now

Chapter 30: Gossip about the hero of Limia

Chapter 31: Gossip about the hero of Gritonia

  • A chapter in the lifestyle of Tsige Arc

Chapter 32: The report of the secretary Ema

Chapter 33: The dwarfs announcement assembly

Chapter 34: Meeting with the wealthy merchant of Tsige

Chapter 35: Let’s just go to the merchant guild

Chapter 36: Responsibility education is greatness

Chapter 37: Et tu, Mio?

Chapter 38: Is the elixir supposed to be boiled?

Chapter 39: The almighty elixir is a type of cocktail

Chapter 40: Truly hating the curse disease

Chapter 41: Determining my path

Chapter 42: E… vil?

Chapter 43: Guild Registration Again

Chapter 44: The bad situation of the company and a new journey

Chapter 45: Talking with the dwarfs in a drinking party

Chapter 46: Makoto’s World

Chapter 47: Makoto’s World ~Tomoe~

Chapter 48: The people that gather around the honey

Chapter 49: The wasteland’s flower, the town’s flower

Chapter 50: My reliable blue dragon

Chapter 51: At the Forest Ogres’ village

Chapter 52: Walking with your eyes closed is dangerous

Chapter 53: After the feast

Chapter 54: Tree punishment

Chapter 55: Reflection

Chapter 56: Talking with the corpse –first part-

Chapter 57: Talking with the corpse – second part –

Chapter 58: The Third Pact

Chapter 59: What can’t be regained

Chapter 60: Retribution

Chapter 61: Hereafter

Chapter 62: And so…

Chapter 63: Gossip – TM Boot camp ~ the elegy of the forest ogres ~

Chapter 64: Gossip – Limia’s Hero 2

Chapter 65: Gossip – Gritonia’s Hero 2

  • Second Tome – Chance Meeting in Rotsgard Arc

Chapter 66: Looking at the departing back

Chapter 67: The two’s journey begins in a downpour

Chapter 68: Depressing Night

Chapter 69: Hibiki’s Distress

Chapter 70: Heroes Reunite

Chapter 71: Ring

Chapter 72: Furtherafter

Chapter 73: Decision in Stella

Chapter 74: The suffering of the Golden one

Chapter 75: Their identities

Chapter 76: Something not that far in the past to call it a recollection

Chapter 77: Lake of Stars

Chapter 78: The waking Makoto

Chapter 79: Mio in the middle of a trip

Chapter 80: Normal operations of Asora

Chapter 81: Misunderstanding

Chapter 82: Raidou takes the test

Chapter 83: Gotetsu

Chapter 84: Encounter with the “Library”

Chapter 85: First Class

Chapter 86: Looks like he will be my first student

Chapter 87: Wishing that it will go well through all seasons

Chapter 88: Gossip – Tomoe, Royalty and Hero

Chapter 89: Gossip – Mio, Cooking and Hero (1)

Chapter 90: Gossip – Mio, Cooking and Hero (2)

Chapter 91: Gossip – Mio, Cooking and Hero (3)

Chapter 92: Makoto’s worries and unexpected rumors

Chapter 93: Our home

Chapter 94: Late night report

Chapter 95: Asora changes with him as the origin

Chapter 96: In whole, a favorable wind

Chapter 97: The temporary teachers’ staff room

Chapter 98: The anticipated lecture and baptism

Chapter 99: Lunch together in Gotetsu

Chapter 100: The request of the demon

Chapter 101: Imperfect combustion

Chapter 102: Lime’s report

Chapter 103: Full guest night

Chapter 104: Dangerous, dangerous

Chapter 105: Thus, the Adventurer Guild was born.

Chapter 106: The spider’s thread. Tomoe grieves.

Chapter 107: Before summer vacation

Chapter 108: Academy’s summer vacation

Chapter 109: Summer vacation part 1 ~ student ~

Chapter 110: Summer vacation’s Part 2 ~ last migration interview ~

  •  Third Tome – Kaleneon’s Participation in War Arc

Chapter 111: School festival is soon to come

Chapter 112: An envoy from the church

Chapter 113: Kuzunoha is no sheep

Chapter 114: You are telling me to do that?

Chapter 115: I wake up late and various things start.

Chapter 116: There are times when the night drowns you

Chapter 117: Second day, wallflower

Chapter 118: The wise and the Lorel Union

Chapter 119: Various things locked-on

Chapter 120: The mini-storm before the storm

Chapter 121: Conditions and follow-up

Chapter 122: The Interlude’s footsteps

Chapter 123: Noble’s way of fighting

Chapter 124: Amelia vs Sif

Chapter 125: Champion

Chapter 126: If it’s Raidou, the chances of that development are low

Chapter 127: Raidou breaks

Chapter 128: Tournament, first day of the team battles

Chapter 129: Kuzunoha’s meeting

Chapter 130: A certain student’s background (Upper) ~Reunion~

Chapter 131: A certain student’s background (Lower) ~Undercover actions~

Chapter 132: Team battles, finals

Chapter 133: Team battles, conclusion

Chapter 134: The enemy of my enemy is?

Chapter 135: When I incidentally look, there are several paths

Chapter 136: Sending off 4 and 5

Chapter 137: Business and fight

Chapter 138: Guest’s rescue

Chapter 139: In front of the variant

Chapter 140: Amelia

Chapter 141: Competition grounds, one end

Chapter 142: The two small miracles

Chapter 143: If it’s 3 days, it’s still fine

Chapter 144: 5.45x39mm bullet

Chapter 145: Lime and Mondo

Chapter 146: Eris, full-throttle

Chapter 147: Last night’s fireworks

Chapter 148: Sudden Turn

Chapter 149: Enquiry with Shiki-sensei

Chapter 150: Root’s miscalculation

Chapter 151: The Goddess’ circumstances, Makoto’s obstinacy

Chapter 152: Participation of the devil ①

Chapter 153: Participation of the Devil ②

Chapter 154: Participation of the Devil ③

Chapter 155: Participation of the Devil ④

Chapter 156: Participation of the Devil ⑤

Chapter 157: The Devil’s change, the awakening of the hero, an intruder appears

Chapter 158: The revelation of the Dragon Slayer

Chapter 159: Realizing he is the Devil

Chapter 160: Realizing he is the Devil, late night of autumn

Chapter 161: Shiki and the hyuman dragon

Chapter 162: The conclusion outside the castle

Chapter 163: Everything without a trace

  • Side Stories

Extra Chapter 1: At that time, in modern society 1

Extra Chapter 2: At that time in the modern era ②


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  1. I have been counting the number of chapter’s in the raws, but, in the first page are more chapters than the wayback machine version, and, i have seen that, in the first page after this arc (III – Kaleneon), the order of the chapters in the next arc’s are in order, even i could say that if you were to see the traduccion, thanks to google, you will follow the history without trouble… it’s what i have been doing and i didn’t find error in timeline

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      1. i buddy , i m reading this novel too , but i think it will be a long time till he found someone to leave the translations , so if you want go to spanish translations, there the novel is in the chapter 174 , of course is in spanish but you could keep enjoying this novel see ya


  2. i wish that Makoto stay is asora to help making school for the child or different race or start the japan festival and est… the shop can wait asora and the people that live there need makoto the ruler to help with the city.

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  3. OMG! Reig sensei catching up with the web raws!!
    Do you know what that means??!
    My weekly drugs… i mean vitamins will have to stop when that happens!!

    NOOOOoooooo!!!(hand raised up while falling to the ground…(

    I’m stump, i like how its release weekly, but hell!! Web raws chaps are so few


    1. It will still take se time before hw catches up. A few month maybe. And even if he does catch up, the author pumps a chapter per week, so it aint that bad


  4. Ohhh my God!!… but if you see, there are some side stories that nobody has translated, and I hope that the author still give uss some more chapters, soo, I’m praying to Tsukuyomi-sama, that there will be much more releases of new chapters… I have hope…


  5. Hey bro ure the best pls continue traslating this ! ure my hero bro! ty for let me know the history that without your help i couldnt read TX ALOT BRO!


  6. question, whats the difference with the old and new raw link? is it just the chapter rename n renumbering only, or maybe there a change in the story?


  7. Question : is it possible to have to have the illustration of the novel (not manga’s one) uploaded at the end of each arcs? At least those that shows the charaters?….I troed to find it but are all raw, and so I can’t tell who are who (well apart of the MCs)…..

    Thanks even it’s not possible..


    1. the actual raw have less ch. them the wayback, i mean the author did cut some and replace with 1 or 2 ch. at last util 148 (if im not wrong)


  8. There’s a lot that makes me feel irritated with the MC , but i feel as though the author should have changed that or make him learn from these mistakes or at least have him receive counsel more often from them.


  9. i do have a question.
    Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu-> Does it have only Web Novel or Light Novel?
    If it got a Light novel, which one is translated. WN or LN?


      1. dammit! why is it that the picture of tomoe and shiki keep on changing to a more perfect or suitable appearance when mio stays the same! thats unfair!

        seems karen frost or rona there, nice!

        it seems or itll be a long while before the fateful encounter with the heroes


    1. wonder if its just me or did makoto change into a shota char in these pic? and i thought amelia had a chest, why is it that she have a breastplate and she looks flat? thought akua had fondle her breast once


  10. Heres a stupid question but its been bothering me. Why cant makoto wear his glasses again? I know he has sakai and stuff so i just want to know, cos isnt he like robinhood whose accuracy is like 200% without any sakai and just pure vision. Didnt his teacher sealed these other ability of his? now that his in another world, isnt it ok now to wear glasses even if it him looking like a nerd but i dont mind l since he had that originally right? (that accuracy without meditation or sakai is awesome with his glasses on)


    1. maybe and i hope theres a plot story where an enemy whos only weak point is a dot, and that dot is a small as a point made by a pen a simple very small dot. And the hope there is to have makoto wear his glasses for that monstrous accuracy lol


    2. His glasses were his “limiter” as it were!! They didn’t improve his accuracy, they worsened it so that he could hide his true abilities in his archery club!!


      1. … If my memory serves me right, the spectacles is not his limiter nor does deteriorate his accuracy.

        In the dream that shin had shown him during their first encounter, he was confronted by Hasegawa for not wearing it during club time. And, his shishou asking him to take it off during club as he is too accurate

        In fact, he is wearing it because of some eyesight problem in the modern world.

        Now he is not wearing it for who knows what reason.
        But its most likely due the lack of necessity as he can shoot at 100% hit rate without it (based on the perspective of ppl surrounding him). Its just that, he can’t do arrow without it


    3. I guess it’s because of Tsukuyomi power (http://bato.to/reader#1d606e50f935bba1_14)
      Yes it’s like you said, the teacher did limited his power when he got into archer club (http://bato.to/reader#46374ca8ddb6b909_6), its not like he can’t use glasses , he got teleported without glasses (at last on manga) (http://bato.to/reader#1d606e50f935bba1_8), maybe it’s just like spiderman when got his power, he don’t need the glasses in this new world
      Sorry for not linking the translated ch. but i don’t remember where it is (It take alot of time to find)


  11. I looked through the chapters again and I believe your right, however I distinctly remember reading somewhere that he doesn’t need them in the world he’s in now!! So in the world he’s at now they’d be useless!!


    1. nah, it’s not spoiler, it don’t telll anythink abolt the history, only the heroes looks and the red armor, still they didn’t show MC bow, only the armor red mode


  12. if you want spoiler from the looks of it all in all in the background as well. Conclusion!! The battle of the fortress!! the identity of the devil revealed!!


    1. its funny if he always put his arms on his head having a “?” in many illustration drawn to him.

      Maybe itll be funny if makoto had a “?” when he see trails of solid snake then follow it lolz


    1. WatafakBullet
      Yes there are more side storys, today have abolt 33+9 other ch. but the author change alot the story line that make hard to mix here (wayback story line)
      If you realy want to read, at top of this page have the link to the raw site (japanese) and try google translation, but I don’t recomend if you don’t have any base on japanese language because it don’t translate faithfully or it translate wrong, also if you go try anyway, remember to don’t be a spoiler and keep it to yourself


  13. Inui
    thank you for the information but i really have no base in japanese😦, if i cant wait for the side story releases in english ill try to google translate it xD. i actually cant wait for anything new on this story


    1. well… the translator is busy with his new work, it may take a while. Try other WN/LN until wait.
      Sorry I don’t know the policy to put others translators sites link here, so you need to work it yourself to find.
      I recommend:
      -Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (my #1 recommendation)
      -Arifureta shokugyō de sekai saikyō (The world’s most powerful in the common profession)


      1. catdatbarks
        I don’t know why don’t have a reply link on your coment but whatever
        on top of this page have the links


  14. hello friend I’d appreciate you to do fast release after you get used to your work.

    According hears me confuncion city of academia, some troops of the demon race progresses to the empire and the kingdom of Limia. And the dog kidnaps Makoto again.

    Here is the description of Volume 9 of the light novel:

    Multiplied by the mutant commotion of Rottsugarudo, troops of the Asmodian was closing in on the capital city of Rimia Guritonia kingdom and empire. Before Masho four arms of Io, of the Kingdom of the desperate situation brave. Meanwhile, true That has-been kidnapped by the goddess again, it is to promise the assistance of the hero was in crisis. It truly is swayed so nice to Asmodian and goddesses, but I have Announced a policy of unexpected reversal in here! The battlefield to master the confusion, Asmodian, Human, Asora, each cross each other of speculation!

    This translated by google translate the description and here the original


    By the way Asmodian is the same demon race.


  15. Thanks so much for the translations. Great story so far! Love the translaters notes at the top. Keep up the good, but also take care of yourself!
    A fan


  16. Ops ahahah, man I will tell you guys something realy funny, did real all 187 ch. (japanese) and just now it pass on my mind to try find translated ver.
    Just to you know I can’t read japanese (lol)


    1. Whoever did try find and whoever read this, it’s was just a sugestion to read until ch. come here, if you gonna or did try find translated version of [Ubau mono ubawa reru mono] you will probably find 1 translator, here my opnion of “HIM”.
      1. It’s paid to translate a page/ch. (that’s not the real issue)
      2. It’s half hearted translation
      2.1 Machine translated
      2.2 Some times remove the phases or substitute with other words
      ex. 「XXX様は優しいなぁ……」(`XXX-sama wa yasashī nā……’) [XXX-sama is kind(-na)….]
      His translation >> [XXX-san, please understand…]
      ex2「やあ、元気そうだね。レベリングの方は終わったのかな?」 (`Yā, genki-sōda ne. Reberingu no kata wa owatta no ka na?’ ) [Hi, Looks healthy(-ne), have you finish the part of leveling?]
      「5~6割ってところだな。それより――」(`5 ~ 6-Wari tte tokoroda na. Sore yori ――’) [Abolt 5~6%(-da na). changing the matter – – (here its a incomplete phase, like you are talking suddenly stop and change the view)]
      His translation >> “I still need around 5-6 percent more.”
      2.3 Bad Naming
      ex. [ラン(Run/Ran/Lan)] translated [orchid] not [Orchid] (A personal name) even so if the author wish for he would put 蘭 (orchid)
      3. If it’s paid why translated like that
      4. That have a ch.(japanese raw) that I realy did become emocionated (and cryed) and when I see that translation… Just didn’t feel the same (not even a little bit)

      I’m sorry to show my anger here, but i realy did got mad with that and I’m trying to prevent you to feel the same
      It’s a good novel and “THEY” are killing the translation
      If you can, go read the raw and not “THAT”

      Here My thanks to Rei for this Hard work



  17. I’ve read your translation from start to finish (latest) in the span of 5 days. I have to say, for a person to improve in both translation in editing. It’s basically awesome. Aside from the story hooking me, I have to say your translation are somewhat easy to read compared to other translators (of different novels). Though I do believe there is still room for improvement.

    With all your hardwork and the enjoyment you’ve provided me, I donation is in order. Keep going at it and enjoy.


    1. Yes, indeed Mio is, Tomoe to be precise is Feudal novel fananatic to the point to change her ways to speak, its like an old person, her translations are very hard to put in english, because have alot of habits on the speak, that part realy give life to her char
      The way she speak to her self is Washi (not watashi like other womens), some of the japaneses habits to put complements on the phase [-da naa] [-da noo] she change for (J) [-ja naa] [-ja noo]
      Check the little guy on 2:55 https://youtu.be/6jx3vWS4WuU?t=171


      1. Mondo is a human? He is called “old man” in chapter 52, or shishou, or even ‘pervert’. (“I have my hand gripped by a man with a scary serious face and swept back hair.”)


      2. CesarAKG
        I dont know why some time [reply] disaper but whatever.

        Mondo is Aqua and Eris(3 of same kind) teacher(shishio)
        You can guess with this he is a “Old man”(Ojisan) and the way he scared of Makoto can be mistake with pervet(hentai)


  18. im trying to read the extra chapters myself with my limited japanese knowledge and it seems there’s a side story that tells what happens to makoto parents before they transfered to japan … its a shame that the one who translating the side story is dropping it… i hope someone will try to pick it up ‘~’


  19. and there’s an extra chapter that tells where someone knows that makoto went into another world from his parents.. i hope this is not count as a spoiler though.. if someone could understand japanese but hardly understand kanji you can try to read the romaji through google translate if you cant wait for the translation


  20. Demon Land
    o-Uru | o-Ruinas
    [Rimia] | [Gritonia]
    [Aion]o-Bozuda |
    ===Golden Highway======= o-Robin
    o-Tsige o-Rotsgard [Academy]
    o-Naoi [Lorel]

    Too smal for a world but that the only map for the history


      1. From Tsige to Robin:
        1. Naoi (South of the mountains)
        2. Bozuda (Golden Highway, north side)
        3. Rostgard (Golden Highway, south side)

        At right of Naoi there’s a “box” (“T” shaped) with.. “Lorel”?

        Is that right?


      1. From chapter 114:

        “And, here huh. The disparity between Japan’s temperatures, even if it’s only a conjecture, for it to
        match 95%… this is pretty impressive” (Makoto)

        However, no matter how many times I look at it, this map is mysterious. If the number is just a
        coincidence, well, that would be it. There’s still discrepancy.

        But, the map of this world, no matter how I look at it…

        It gives me the impression as if someone made a vague map of Japan based on a history book. The
        scaling is out of order and there are many parts I want to retort at, just like how the maps in the past

        For example, Kyuushu (or at least the place I think is), the lower part is spread out like a folding fan
        and the lower part has not been drawn. This place indicates the wasteland. Tsige’s borders are where
        Kaimon Straits is. The Gold highway we used is in Sanyo district, new Meishin, and going all the
        way until the middle of Chuuou, like a freeway road. Further that area, we have Limia kingdom at
        the west, in the east there’s the Gritonia Empire, and in the north, at the half of Kanto, there’s the
        territory of the demon race. The ruined country of Elysion doesn’t seem to be drawn that accurately.
        There’s not a single thing drawn in the Hokkaido region. Is it because it doesn’t exist, or because it
        hasn’t been discovered yet? It is this similar, so my guess is that it hasn’t been discovered yet.


    1. Looking at the map, the following excerpt from chapter 9 appears to be wrong:

      “This is literally the ends of the world, and more over I was in it. More specifically, in the northwest edge.” (the wastelands are at the southwest, not northwest, the continent extends from southwest to northeast, were the demon race lives)

      “The place that Shen had been was pretty close to that northwest tip.” (Could be right, could be wrong, Shen can be at the northwest tip of the wasteland.)

      “With this I would be able to finally head to the human settlement. I am really glad that it’s not at a place that is southeast or southwest of the world. The human settlement seems to be in the northeast.” (Sorry, Makoto, you currently ARE at the southwest of the world)

      …and so on.


  21. Reigokai, this is bad news.
    Check out the RAW/WN link. The WN were removed by the author.


    Damn… orz
    Right when I was on middle on good part where Makoto meet Hibiki after the war….

    Do you still have source for the WN source?
    To be more spesific, do you will continue this project??


    1. Reigokai is using wayback, still have alot of ch. to translate
      The author probably will reorganize the history again (I hope so)
      The problem is after change the history (if he is)
      I hope the possibility to conect both the wayback and the current (raw) without problem
      In the last case the author did remove to try value the LN, and I hope the author do return the WN
      Or maybe the publisher did orde it (but i dont think its the case)
      Keep in mind all of this are my speculations


      1. Well it’s looks it was the last case, probably to atract more reader to Alphanopolis
        “Or maybe the publisher did orde it ”
        Tell the true it will stop the backup up to [幕間 時には役立つ真の厄寄せ] (this week release)
        After this i dont know how will backup, not the problem of backup but this author love change the history line =/


    1. I tjhink you are not aware Reigokai is at stage of training in his new work
      The rate of update is every 3 so try check it slowly
      As the suggestion try read other novels until updates and of course promote the translator works
      Just to you know most most of the novel (raw) are updated slowly too, abolt 1 week with hiatsu some time (some are very long) so an 3 days update are not bad at all
      And most important he doing the translations for FREE to us (tips welcome)


      1. by the way plz ignore erros on typing😄, some time I do wrong words choices
        “I think you…”
        “…so a 3 days update are not bad at all”


      1. Atamahead027
        Yes it is different, Reigokai using wayback chronological order of the releases
        The new site (actual releases) have some ch. that are removed/replaced so there are less ch. on the current
        The discussion is abolt the transfer of the host site from Syosetu
        From now it will be Alphanopolis
        Not that will realy affect the translations


  22. will illumingrad be back ?
    or he’s perma death if perma death
    will the MC have some consequence for it ?

    any spoilers there ?
    well my question are answerable with yes and no anyway
    so just say yes or no


  23. Well if they made a anime adaptation the only way they could do it justice is by having around 52-54 episodes pre season, and keep it right in line with the Ln!! I refuse to watch anything else but that!!!


  24. I like this story. Even in the middle story I thik Randou didnt looks attractive as MC and the story seems slow phase. After MC move out to Tsige to Academy I feel the story looks more better.

    I satisfied to daily update to this WN/LN. Thanks to author and translator with your hard work.


  25. Anyone know if there are any light novel illustrations out yet? I can’t see to find many. I just want to see volume 8’s pictures to just get a jist of how pissed Makoto is right now.


    1. Reigokai is travelling, so for now he is looking for someone capable to translate until he return and so now is on hiatsu, if im not wrong will take 2 month or if he can get someone to assist the translation until he return, the detale is on post after cap 163


    1. It’s probably a translation from eng, not that I care but remember to also put the credits for eng translations, the jap-eng translator realy did work hard for us


  26. Hi!
    I was reading the original novel (in japanese), but since it changed from syosetu to alphapolis it had no more releases, did something happen to the author?


  27. yes but they are talking abolt the author releases have stoped
    the hiatsu is more then 2 months now
    not to be worry yet, still alot of ch to translate


  28. Fckkkkk I was banned from LNB just for saying they keep on adding new series and instead of adding new ones every 3 days focus con 2 or 3… Now how the hell I’m going to read Reigo’s novel… Those guys are disgusting


    1. as far as i know, its not 1 or 2 guys, they are a community, so I think its normal ppl add more projects, I think it’s good to have like 3 project releasing ever 2 or 3 days of each one, so will be about 1 per week, well will be hard to run and the sponsored on this pace but its up to them
      you probably got banned only from the comments, try to logout and them go in
      and dont forget they releasing for free (or so), we are just leeching, you need to rethink your manners
      when you visit someone do you fart in the mid of their room ?


    1. If I’m not wrong, there is no more cut ch. from this point, the last ch. on LNB was [ 夢か現か] at [四章 クズノハ漫遊編] Vol. on the current site (Vol.4 > Ch.5) / wayback 夢か現か 2013年 08月 10日 (改)
      I’m to lazy to count the remain ch. but it’s alot
      Good luck counting it


  29. I have post before but maybe Reigokai didn’t read so i’ll do it again
    It was about add the links to have the full list of the chapters (164~176) with the hosted at LNB like:

    Chapter 163: Everything without a trace
    Chapter 164: Two Sleepy People (Light Novel Bastion)
    Chapter 176: Feeling as if in a dream (Light Novel Bastion)
    Chapter 177: ???

    Maybe open a new window tab or loading here, and maybe change the link color to make it different ^^


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