World Reformation activities of the Dark God — Loving humans so much, I reincarnated in one —

Alternative Title:
Yonaoshi Ankoku Shin no Honsou –Ningen sukisugite ningen ni tensei shi ta–
世直し暗黒神の奔走 ――人間好きすぎて人間に転生した――




At the genesis of the world, the ‘Dark God Entropy’ was defeated in the fight between the five other Gods, and was sealed.
And then, after 1,600 years, the seal of the God of Darkness was released and he is liberated. The God that was now free didn’t really have any special intent for revenge and didn’t have anything to do, so he decided to reincarnate as a human and enjoy the life of a human being.
The human that had obtained the soul of the Dark God and was born was ‘Kuromiya Haine’, a human that -while being human- possesses the powers and memories of the God of Darkness. The strongest existence.

While saving the heroes that fight monsters, and fighting against the other Gods that are trying to rule the humans, he acts in order to make the world a better place.

–Table of Contents

00: Prologue

  • Light hero and Fire hero Arc

01: Filial Piety
02: Youth Hunt

03: The Light Knights
04: Hero’s Arrival
05: I obtained a homeland

06: Crucible of humans
07: Entrance Exam

08: Grunt of Light
09: A glimpse of culture
10: The hero heads out

11: Monster Invasion
12: Fierce Battle against Monsters
13: Second Hero

14: A Conceited Reflection Time
15: Eloquence of the Lowest Strata

16: True Reflection Time
17: Frail Hero

18: Young day’s farewell
19: Two heroes, two girls

20: Joint Subjugation
21: Gigantic Monster
22: Genuine Hero

23: Fire God
24: The Truth of the World

25: Dark God vs Fire God
26: Passion Clad Lightning
27: God’s Divine Punishment

28: Sealing of the Fire God
29: Light Princess, Dark Hero
30: The reunion of Gods comes to an end for now

  • Water Hero Arc

31: The curtains rise to the interaction of humans
32: Conferring of decorations

33: Raid of a spoiled brat
34: What the knight corp means
35: Idol Hunting!

36: Idol Hero
37: Holy Woman’s Jealousy
38: Partner (Affectionate) Ride

39: Water Capital’s daily scenery
40: Emergency Announcement
41: An Idol’s Pride

42: If pushing doesn’t work, pull
43: Light puts water to shame

44: Sweet Room
45: The stupid legend of the Water God
46: Water God’s speedy state

47: Water Demon God
48: Great Sea Dragon
49: Scum of a God

50: Backstage Water Priestess
51: Muddy Water

52: Battle Ensemble
53: Dark Guardian

54: Enthusiastic performance at the big sea
55: Combined Melody
56: More unreasonable than a natural disaster

57: Trinity
58: Mahakala
59: Until no traces are left

60: Post-negotiation
61: The hero that became the reward

  • Shadow Hero Arc

62: The Dark God that became the reward
63: Holiday in Apollon City
64: Date a Live

65: Library Wars
66: The two holy women

67: The reason of their encounter
68: The God hidden in the books
69: Metropolis of Darkness

70: To the desert
71: At the Oasis
72: Beautiful spring

73: Underworld down-slope
74: Shadow
75: Underground Battle

76: Country at the depths of the earth
77: The one that the Gods have approved

78: I play by myself
79: Bellow

80: Underworld Army
81: Darkness ≠ Shadow

82: The Goddess’ Past
83: Regret of the Goddess
84: Extinguish and Rebirth

85: Returning from the Underworld
86: To the country of the living

87: The continuation of the legend
88: This must end

  • Earth Hero Arc

89: Visiting the Mother
90: Visiting the Fire God
91: Wonder Tree

92: To the Mother Earth’s Bossom
93: Golem
94: Utopia

95: Sage
96: The Guiding of the Kodama
97: Holy Flower

98: Divine Virtue of Mother Earth
99: Decision

100: Heroes Assemble
101: If
102: Could it be…

103: Hero Alliance
104: Capture

105: Small hero
106: Stubborn one
107: Wicked Oracle

108: Pursuit
109: Puppet Sumo
110: Missing each other

111: Slaying Giants
112: Earth Puppet
113: The power of the first

114: Shadow Skill
115: Consent to depart

116: Hero party
117: Land of Chaos

118: The reason for the destruction
119: Confession
120: Absolute Happiness

121: True Utopia
122: Too much for a hero
123: The decision of the hero

124: Old Strong One
125: Battle at the Earth Capital

126: Heroes vs Divine Tree
127: Outside reality
128: Black Demise

129: Rebirth of the Earth capital
130: Hot Spring

  • Interlude

131: Know your place

  • Wind Hero Arc

132: Beginning of bewilderment
133: Remake
134: Mother Monster Investigation

135: At the direction the wind blows
136: Like air
137: Appointment

138: Wandering City
139: Summit

140: Gathering of Founders
141: The chosen ones

142: Plan of the Fortune Princess
143: Meeting begins
144: The wild controversialist

145: A king and a hero
146: Phantom Bullet

147: As a king and a hero
148: At the grandstand
149: A God’s utmost limit

150: A wrath of a hundred million days
151: Power that defeats Gods
152: Wind of destruction

153: Few against many
154: Baal Cloud

155: The way to carry out one’s duty
156: Black Dragon vs Black Army

157: Sniper 
158: Children of Shiva
159: Counterattack
160: Sylph

161: At the summit
162: Next path of the wind

163: An attack to end it all
164: Wind’s direction

165: The calamity doesn’t end
166: Birth of a demon

167: Unyielding
168: Shining Wind
169: At the place the wind leads

170: Conflicting sides

171: God Conference
172: New Style

  • Interlude

173: Synchronicity

  • Heroes of the Past arc

174: Feedback of completion
175: Problem Emerged

176: Returning Leaders
177: Advocacy of the young

178: Dark Light Woman
179: Beggining of battle

180: Enquiry about the previous generation
181: Ominuous Remains of light

182: High Risk
183: Waiting Room -Current Heroes
184: Waiting Room -Previous Heroes

186: Trap
187: Ghost

188: Dial
189: No breaks
190: Explosion

191: Vile Continuation
192: Stealth Light

193: Match Resumes
194: Duo
195: A flash of gratitude

196: Second Match
197: Mixing without being mixed
198: Hated Person

199: Third Match
200: Two ways of being
201: Loving Golems

202: Hating Golems
203: Mother’s heart
204: The girl that became a mom

205: Vain Struggle
206: The Fox Woman dances 

207: Slime
208: The stage of heroes
209: Persecution

210: Reinforcements Arrive
211: One Stroke Bisection

212: The Demon Lord Appears
213: Winged Ones

214: Hope
215: Freebie

  • Light God Hero arc

216: Knight General
217: Reform

218: One unnecessary person
219: A specter that can’t be exorcised
220: Everyday encroachment

221: Hero’s torment
222: Home Visit
223: Crawling into the bath
224: Wicked Woman’s Deep Affection

225: A pleasant talk that happens only once
226: A pleasant talk that happens only once – Second part

227: Incident
228: The enemy of humans are humans
229: Clash of objectives

230: The shadow moves
231: Unbelievable passage
232: Necessary person
233: To the gunpowder warehouse

234: Well-deserved divine punishment
235: Exit of the buffon
236: Leave, light

237: Broken Thread
238: If it’s proof
239: Dioskouroi

240: Fierce battle of the Goddess
241: Sibblings battle

242: Shadow Calamity all over again
243: What two can do
244: Persona
245: God Hero

246: After-explanation
247: True culprit
248: A place to return to

  • Interlude

249: Evil Light 

  • Fire God Hero Arc

250: Is it a leaf or a legume?
251: The trump card against the Demons
252: No clue

253: To the depths of Darkness
254: God Scale
255: Mother Earth God rescue plan

256: The plot of the end
257: Demon Lord’s invitation to death

258: The night before the fierce battle
259: Around the open-air fire
260: Master and juniors

261: Suffering of the Fire Capital
262: It means death
263: Red hot death

264: Ferocious Endurance
265: Heat of burning blood

266: All-out battle
267: A sun of divine power

268: Fire God stands
269: Together with the God

270: The decision of Mirack
271: Fire God Hero
272: Clash of Stars

273: Hellfire
274: Looking up the ground
275: The heat is transmitted

276: After burning out
277: Fantasy physics study

278: The late arriving idol
279: Noisy
280: Live

281: A fluffy character goes strong
282: Harmless talk

283: Shadow, fire, and water
284: Details of Shadow
285: The future

286: Return of the wicked God
287: Question and answers of the Fire and Water

288: Calamity that soaks in
289: The disappeared Hydra Ville

290: Ocean Demon
291: Flower Falls
292: Hell Soup

293: Affected by demise
294: Battle at the waterside
295: An attemp for resolution






17 thoughts on “

  1. Thank You, Reigokai, for translating World Reformation. Cliches abound, but in some good and interesting ways. At least male lead isn’t accused of being a pervert like in a good number of other Japanese Web/light novels and their adaptations. And so I’d like to recommend to you and others Japanese light novel of isekai genre I have found quite enjoyable:
    How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

    Beginning is like straight out of an old computer RPG:

    But Japanese male lead isn’t of fighting type. He aimed to be a bureaucrat (or something equivalent) back in Japan, and he expected to be one in the fantasy world. Instead all the jaws hit the floor when the king declares to step down, nominate Japanese school boy to be his successor, and engage his daughter for marriage, guess to whom. I have read through 4 volumes and waiting for more. There are some wars, battles, and smaller scale fights, but Japanese “hero” is mostly bystander in those cases. Instead he excels in politics and economics. But as per usual for modern Japanese fiction, such as what we can see on this site, he is awkward and reluctant to commit to intimate relationship. But near end of volume #4 he kiss a girl. Other things of interest include harem gathered by #1 girl, revelation of ethereal equivalent, the beginning of related revolution, mad female scientist researching of it, and half-blood dragon slave maid.


  2. Would it be possible to get either an epub or pdf version of this? I’m not going to have internet for a while, so I was hoping there’d be an epub version I could download, other than the one offered by lnwnepubs (which is only chapter 1 to 61)


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