World Reformation activities of the Dark God — Loving humans so much, I reincarnated in one —

Alternative Title:
Yonaoshi Ankoku Shin no Honsou –Ningen sukisugite ningen ni tensei shi ta–
世直し暗黒神の奔走 ――人間好きすぎて人間に転生した――




At the genesis of the world, the ‘Dark God Entropy’ was defeated in the fight between the five other Gods, and was sealed.
And then, after 1,600 years, the seal of the God of Darkness was released and he is liberated. The God that was now free didn’t really have any special intent for revenge and didn’t have anything to do, so he decided to reincarnate as a human and enjoy the life of a human being.
The human that had obtained the soul of the Dark God and was born was ‘Kuromiya Haine’, a human that -while being human- possesses the powers and memories of the God of Darkness. The strongest existence.

While saving the heroes that fight monsters, and fighting against the other Gods that are trying to rule the humans, he acts in order to make the world a better place.

–Table of Contents

00: Prologue

  • Light hero and Fire hero Arc

01: Filial Piety
02: Youth Hunt

03: The Light Knights
04: Hero’s Arrival
05: I obtained a homeland

06: Crucible of humans
07: Entrance Exam

08: Grunt of Light
09: A glimpse of culture
10: The hero heads out

11: Monster Invasion
12: Fierce Battle against Monsters
13: Second Hero

14: A Conceited Reflection Time
15: Eloquence of the Lowest Strata

16: True Reflection Time
17: Frail Hero

18: Young day’s farewell
19: Two heroes, two girls

20: Joint Subjugation
21: Gigantic Monster
22: Genuine Hero

23: Fire God
24: The Truth of the World

25: Dark God vs Fire God
26: Passion Clad Lightning
27: God’s Divine Punishment

28: Sealing of the Fire God
29: Light Princess, Dark Hero
30: The reunion of Gods comes to an end for now

  • Water Hero Arc

31: The curtains rise to the interaction of humans
32: Conferring of decorations

33: Raid of a spoiled brat
34: What the knight corp means
35: Idol Hunting!

36: Idol Hero
37: Holy Woman’s Jealousy
38: Partner (Affectionate) Ride

39: Water Capital’s daily scenery
40: Emergency Announcement
41: An Idol’s Pride

42: If pushing doesn’t work, pull
43: Light puts water to shame

44: Sweet Room
45: The stupid legend of the Water God
46: Water God’s speedy state

47: Water Demon God
48: Great Sea Dragon
49: Scum of a God

50: Backstage Water Priestess
51: Muddy Water

52: Battle Ensemble
53: Dark Guardian

54: Enthusiastic performance at the big sea
55: Combined Melody
56: More unreasonable than a natural disaster





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