About Me :)

Hey guys, this is reigokai. You can call me Rei or Kai or dont know, whatever you see fit 😛.

To begin, let me say that this will be my first translation EVER and to be honest I noticed it is an incredibly arduous work. I really appreciate the work of the translators and now I respect them even more.

Since this is my first translation I really hope for your help at some points. I use a romaji translator combined with MTL to translate and I may be unable to pick any character that has a different way of reading than the romaji one so I appreciate any kind of assistance. Especially on names, oh god those names. And if anyone can check out for any errors out there I would be totally grateful.

Anyways, in short, don’t be harsh on me :`)

Also, there are no scheduled release dates. It will all depend on how i feel. When I am at my top i will release more than 2 chapters in a day but that is when I have the passion and time so don’t push me as it will demotivate me.

P.S: I am reading while translating. DON’T POST SPOILERS as it will affect my translation speed and motivation.


48 thoughts on “About Me :)

  1. I’d give you really a pointer if you keep the epic translations. Do. Not. Read. Comments. And. Take. Them. For. Real. If you been around your’ll see hate comments about how people have slowed down and the lechers will talk a lot of shi*. My advice is to really not care what they say and take your time with it cuz it really is hard.

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    I could not find a contact me button on your blog, so I am saying in a comment what I wanted to say


  3. Hey!!
    Your work is awesome!
    Your work honestly brings joy to my life. I love reading this.
    I don’t know what negatibe comments you get but never let them get to you.
    Always remember that the majority appreciates your work and the time you put into this.

    Thank you very much.

    With regards from Sweden


  4. I was wondering if you could also add a link to the raw for each chapter?? I’m trying to find what chapter your on in the raws, but I can’t figure out the order with google translator. If possible I thank you greatly!!


  5. First of all thanx Reigokai for translation you are doing good job and please keep it up
    Now i have 2 links for raw which you have provided wayback machine raw and current raw
    i want to continue story with raw so what is right story order.
    I’m starting with Chapter 3 / Arc 3 but as you can see wayback machine and new raw have different chapter title. i have finish reading until chapter 2 / Arc 2 so which one i should follow now, wayback or new raw? I’m kinda confuse here please guide me.


  6. I just started reading where the manga left off, you are doing well. I would suggest for your website to have a table of contents where each story arc is group together.


  7. Hi, I’ve been reading ur translation work after i find out about this wordpress blog. U r truly amazing, this is the fastest translation of WN/LN i’ve ever read. A range of 3-5 days a chapter is already amazing in its own way.
    Therefore i’d like to say thank you and i really appreciate ur work. keep up the good work mate.
    thank you. arigatou. xie xie. merci. terima kasih. syukran.


  8. What is the word on the sponsored chapter that he post about a few chapter back? I hope he will make a date on when and how many regular chapter per a week and the sponsored chapter.


    1. Right now there’s no clear system for sponsored chapters.
      For now, I am doing them in the form of faster releases – the normal pace is 1 chapter every 3 days -. But in the near future, there will probably be a progress bar and a line stating clearly that it is a sponsored chapter.


  9. Hey there, I don’t know any other way to contact you so I guess here would be the best way.
    I really enjoy your works here and I was hoping you could give me permission to retranslate Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu into Vietnamese. I’ll be posting it under the name ‘Beatrix’ on a certain LN-VN forum. Of course, I’ll give credit where credit is due and follow whatever guidelines you have on the translation.
    Thanks for reading. Hope to hear your reply soon ~


  10. Is there no way to contact you per mail?
    I got some questions…Don’t worry there are no spoilers of this novel…
    It’s some easy questions only, but it’s still related to Tsuki ga Michibiku . Unfortunately, I couldn’t contact you, because I didn’t find essential informations. (Or I am stupid, sounds true *cough*)
    I hope you could answer me though, If ya got time ~


  11. I thoroughly enjoy your translations! Thank you so much Reigokai-senpai for your hard work! You’ve inspired me to put my hand to the task and translate via romaji translator and MTL. Can I ask for advice from you? What do you use/suggest to do romaji translations and MTL? I don’t want to re-invent the wheel if I can avoid it.
    (シ_ _)シ


  12. I can’t find a way to contact you. I saw you put an email once for the Side Story volunteers.. but now i’m trying to find it again. Since originally I wanted to try my hand at the sidestories, or helping while your on your 2.5 month endevor.
    Though I probably won’t do as good a job~


  13. can u do something regarding dicky satria post… he being a dick in comment post n i dont like his comment at all… seriously why being a dick to fellow readers who giving ty, review, foretell, or a having a fun persona like firo… seriously i nvr noticed him whether he do that in other novel comment or not but i only notice his existence in this novel :v…it makes me dont want to read comment below due him being dick to others commend


  14. Lol stop translating this noob. Makoto is such a weak my like ur self noob what is the sense of u can’t use that to kill people that look down on u? Noon, noon author noon translator, this novel are already dropped by 80% of the reader this is such a waste of time.


    1. Sorry but I have to say this
      F************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** you


    2. Hush up good sir or madam.
      You are incorrect about the readers. If you want a simple “i’m super powerful, i’mma kill anyone and everyone that crosses my mind” go read Arifueta. That sounds like what you seem to want.

      Also. Noon is a time of day. Did you mean “non” from a different language than English?


  15. Can i make a suggestion about the pages when you read a chapter? can you put something like a Night/Dark mode? Because my eyes hurt when I’m reading at night, and I can only read at night -.- thanks 🙂

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