Chapter 274: Outbreak of War

This is probably the last. <Dun dun dun>

19th floor, Grave palace, deep area.

Standing at the front of the teleport formation for the next floor, I nod.

It is a plan that I had Tomoe and Mio hear out, and made some retouches to.

Even when we have already arrived at one step before our goal, I still haven’t been able to think of a way to break the heart of Rokuya-san and his group, the Japanese people that have accepted immortality.

We are going to be marching into the enemy’s territory, and without killing anyone, we have to gain their cooperation including the person that hates me. Moreover, there’s no doubt that there are several forces there that are on a level that can be considered a threat to the Kuzunoha Company.

No matter how you look at it, there’s no doubt that this is a big challenge.

That’s why I think the idea that came out after cleanly piecing the information at the hotel was a miracle.

…The trigger of it was the casual conversation of Iroha-chan and Akashi-san though.

“Now then, looks like this will be a big job. My blood is boiling.”

While touching the blade of her katana, the silver haired mode Tomoe looks at me with a smile.

It is not as if this floor was challenging enough to warrant an enhancement.

It is because we will be needing that level of strength from Tomoe on what’s coming ahead, so I gave her the power beforehand.

Tomoe wasn’t there when the incident with Root happened, so she probably feels happiness at having a place to utilize her power aside from training.

“It will be difficult not to crush anyone, but if it’s the order of Waka-sama, I will carry it out perfectly-desu wa. But if possible, I would like to show people like Rokuya some pain. I wonder if that thing will stand in my way.” (Mio)

Mio, who now has glossy straight hair extending till her waist, said some dangerous stuff at the latter half as she laughs and narrows her eyes.

That figure of hers was gloss itself.

Tomoe’s smile has seductiveness in it, but Mio’s gestures have become more and more sexy lately.

Right now she is leaking out bloodlust from here and there, so if possible, this is the kind of gesture I would prefer to just look at instead of being in the receiving end.

But, in my personal opinion, I would like Mio to confront Haku Mokuren-san, Ginebia-san, or Rokuya-san depending on the situation.

Most of the reason she is like this is because ‘he pointed his blade at me’, but even if our thoughts are different, our desired pairings were the same.

“Bringing this much here, moreover, we have even received a ring from Tomoe-sama that’s only appropriate to call a sacred treasure…this Beren, if it’s today, I would be able to crush thousands!” (Beren)

Frankly speaking, I will be having Beren, Hokuto, and Shii, take on what’s probably the toughest role today.

Because, excluding the Adventurers of Origin, they will be fighting against practically everyone, and until things are settled, they will have to endure.

At first, I told the three that I was thinking about increasing the number of personnel, but their answer was the substantiality of the ‘equipment’.

The picnic side probably has less than a hundred, and we have analyzed the information we have gathered until now.

There’s quite the skilled ones that are S-class at the 20th floor, so I was thinking about calling Lime, Akua, Eris, and the elite four Arkes, but to my surprise, all three of them told me to wait.

They told me they wished for perfect equipment and the permission to utilize their full strength.

The three probably had some sort of plan.

There were several floors that were tough enough I would want to use them as training for the Kuzunoha Company, so that might be influencing too.

That’s why Beren got the permission of Tomoe and Mio, and also Shiki and Tamaki to bring a big amount of weapons that looked okay to bring.

Since a while ago, he has been looking at the ring Tomoe gave him with a face filled with motivation. It is an item that lets you use Asora like a storage.

For someone like me who is not good at the technical stuff, I simply see it as an item that opens a storage of big capacity.

Tomoe nodded when I said that, so the effect must not be far from my understanding.

It is not like you can just freely use it. Every time, you will expend a decent amount of magic power, so Beren will probably be using most of today’s magic power utilizing this.

“Ninja costume. As long as I have this, there’s already no worthy opponent. Whether it is to act as a wall, support, or damage dealer, I will show that I can fulfill those roles.” (Hokuto)

…The second one.

The big body of Hokuto was dressed in a ninja costume that felt incredibly out of place. A ninja look.

The motivation of the person himself, who recently changed into it, was quite high.

At the last area of this floor, there was one trap that was on a different level from the rest, and one of his arms was blown away, but the treatment has already been done.

Well, it may look weird, but its defense is high, and in the hidden parts of the clothe, there’s ornamental equipment that enhances it.

He is a high level Arke that can hunt adventurers like crazy with only his bare hands and skills to begin with. With training on top of that, and coordination as well, if it is the current Hokuto, even if the opponent is the legendary mercenary group, I don’t think his fighting power would lack to them.

His body technique and magic working together are without doubt powerful after all.

The only thing is that Hokuto doesn’t call it ninjutsu, but ninjutu, His way of speaking is clearly not that of a ninja, which is the only problem point of his.

“Even though you let us accompany you, the ones who will be doing the toughest work today will be Waka-sama’s group. On top of that, I even received assistance from Akua-sama and Eris-sama. Personally, I won’t be able to recover from that for a while. It is like, ‘mercenary group, prepare yourself’, kind of thing.” (Shii)

I thought Shii would be the one who would be the happiest in having reinforcements, and yet, the moment I brought out the names of Akua and Eris, she said ‘there’s no need, I can do it’, and suddenly changed her attitude.

After telling them the plan, everyone said something weird like: ‘we will defeat them all with a homerun’.

At the belt around her waist, there’s a number of multicolored experimental *sedges*. At her arm, there’s a bracelet that shines a pale green light, and at her ears, there’s new earrings. <Not sure if it’s actually sedges. 菅>

She said: ‘I will be fighting with my all, as a physical type Forest Oni, and as an elf ancestor’.

She doesn’t use a bow, and she isn’t that good at magic, so those words were pretty rare to hear from Shii.

By the way, I called Lime to the hotel just in case.

I don’t think there will be an opponent appearing today that he wouldn’t be able to buy time against.

Truly the meaning of insurance.

“…Everyone, ready?” (Makoto)

Thinking that it is about time, I try speaking out, and what was returned were the same gazes.


Just as planned, I will be the first one entering the teleport formation.

Enveloped in the light that I have already grown used to, there’s a 9 out of 10 chances that there will be a preemptive strike poured at me the moment the scenery changes.

Or maybe there will be a negotiation.

“Like hell that would be possible huh.” (Makoto)

Even if I could guess it from the words of Rokuya-san, what welcomed me the moment I appeared alone, was the bloodlust of a battlefield.

Also, the attack with no questions asked.

Not only arrows, there were even javelins, daggers, adzes, a variety of spells like offensive magic, debuffs, barriers being deployed; the types of debuffs were pretty plentiful.

“What a spectacle. But it is still not a threat.” (Makoto)

I do a few steps forward.

My head is calm.

Currently, what’s the scariest would be the surprise attack of Rokuya-san.

And the unknown power of the other Adventurers of Origin like him.

In other words…my beginning move is…


I set Sakai to perception and search, and grasp the fighting force of the other side.

At the same time, the Magic Armor that had its concealment effect released had caught the eyes of everyone as it appeared.

Of course, this body constructed of magic power was steadily perceived by the other side, and maybe because of surprise or fear, there was some sort of atmosphere going around the place.

The attacks stopped -for only a small frame of time though.

The attacks raining down, the magic coiling about; in this space of time I was given, I evaporate both of those with the shockwave that the Magic Armor released.

If Sakai can’t detect them, there’s nothing I can do, but beginning with Rokuya-san, there’s no presence that might be of an Adventurer of Origin.

And everything I wanted to grasp, I was able to.

After several seconds, a number of presences appeared at my back.

Everyone has arrived.

Thanks to the network that Mio has connected with all six of us, the information is linked, and we are able to coordinate without any mistakes.

“We still don’t know how Rokuya-san and his group will be involved in this, so don’t lower your guard—-” (Makoto)


The attack resumes.

The wave of magic attacks that were like a downpour.

On top of that…

“Fumu, it is quite the stuffy visage, but it is not on the level of Rokuya-ja no.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe disclosed the skill and exposes the assassin-like corps that were trying to come in contact with us.

There’s seven.

While at it, I burn the people that were most likely doing long ranged attacks to provide support.

Tomoe had her katana directed at the frontline unit, and Beren’s group of three came to her front and take a stance.

“They got us first, but let’s charge as well!!” (Beren)

Beren shouts without looking our way.

“Of course. I will blow them away to an extent that’s not fatal~!” (Shii)

“There was no need to even propose it, we are all on the same mindset huh. I was with the intention of bringing it to a melee fight and cause a disturbance to begin with. We are overwhelmingly at a disadvantage in terms of numbers after all.” (Hokuto)

When bringing it to a melee confrontation in those kind of situations, there’s the need to be prepared for death, but there was no light of desiring death in the eyes of the three.

They rushed like bullets aiming at the assassins, and in a second, two of the seven were rolling on the ground with good momentum, and had went out of combat.

Beren didn’t stop moving.

Swinging the big axe that’s in his hands with all the strength of his body, he throws it at the stronghold. Right after, he activates the power of the ring  and brings out a new axe to his hands, and the assassin that was aiming at the supposedly barehanded Beren was repelled by his weapon.

Okay. This is on a level that can be a fight.

In that case…

“As expected, it begins from now on huh. Can’t expect much from the traps either. Leaving aside their numbers, the quality is pretty high.”

“Rokuya-san, you said there was a 7:3 chance that they would be going through the Buggy Palace, even the traps, that side’s where our real setup…”

“Now now, I have already contacted them, so the unit there will probably return in a few minutes. Let’s do our own job.”


When I turn around, there’s the shadow of three people.

I couldn’t detect them at all even with the perception Sakai.

Moreover…it wasn’t only Rokuya-san, but the other two as well.

“…You really like surprising from the back…” (Mio)

Mio takes a fighting stance and makes a chilly whisper.

“The reason you didn’t attack us as it is, was it because of leeway, or maybe conceitedness? Which one should I take it as?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe’s words were tinged with slight anger.

If they weren’t putting any airs, they should have attacked just like that, and yet, they didn’t do that and were even talking on purpose to have us notice, which most likely rubbed both Tomoe and Mio in the wrong way.

“No way. We wanted to watch your playing hand a bit more, but since it was such an unexpected situation, we hurriedly came down. This here can hide me together with my companions, but it is an inconvenient item that doesn’t let me attack as it is. The limitations are many.” (Rokuya)

As he said ‘this’, Rokuya-san made a hiding gesture.

Together with his companions. Being able to hide your presence this perfectly is enough to make it a scary skill.


“What’s with that outrageous magic power? Honestly speaking, it hit my guts. Even in my long life, I haven’t seen anyone with as much magic power in its body as you.” (Rokuya)

“Who knows. People call me things like ‘Devil’ though. I don’t understand the reason well.” (Makoto)

“…So you were quite the racoon <deceiver>. Looks like my reading was wrong. I thought you were more of the honest type though.” (Rokuya)

“And so, I take it the one there is the Muse Danger, Haku Mokuren-san, and the Over Mash, Ginebia-san?” (Makoto)



From their looks and equipment, there’s probably no mistake, but the two who are gazing at me are silent.

Are they not?

If that’s the case, that would be a bit uncool.

“…I am an Arrow Dancer. I am not a religious person, so there’s no way I would take a job that sticks to a God.” (Haku)

“…I am a priest or a bishop. I don’t remember being in a job that doesn’t sound like it has any relation to priesthood…… Why do you know that?” (Ginebia)

They both probably have strong special jobs, unique jobs.

But it seems like they don’t have a good impression of its name.

They mutter this as they turn their faces to the side.

In the case of the Adventurers of Origin, the things called jobs were probably born from the power called Guild Verse, and it is most likely strictly close to the ones currently at the guild.

They probably can’t set the names of their own jobs.

Well, this is convenient.

It seems it is still not the time to do what I asked of Tomoe and Mio after all.

I wanted to buy some time.

If we are able to do that with these three without the need of a fight, that would be most welcomed.

“Ah, Shougetsu-kun huh. If it’s him, he might have known things like this.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya-san scratched his head, and while making a wry smile, he spoke out the possibility he thought of.

It is exactly that.

“Later, I will go to the Osakabe house and give him a scolding.” (Haku)

“It seems there’s the need to teach that mongrel just how much of a taboo it is to lightly speak the secrets of a woman.” (Ginebia)


It seems like my utterance has send sparks flying at Shougetsu-san.

It is a rare case where I am not affected much by it, but this is important.

Sorry, Shougetsu-san.

Being at the hotel is good payment, so please forgive me for this.

(Waka, we are done.) (Tomoe)

(Here as well, with no problems.) (Mio)


I received the report I wanted to hear from Tomoe and Mio.

From here on, the true battle will begin.

Let’s do our best.

“Rokuya-san, here they come.” (???)


“Good grief, looks like they were able to fix it huh.” (Rokuya)

I couldn’t feel any magic power, yet, a voice resonated from the whole floor.

“Something is…coming.” (Makoto)

From our surroundings, several presences appear.

Looks like it is not a direct attack though…

As if telling myself, and the other two, I mutter.

Even if my voice itself didn’t reach, it was also relayed to Beren and the others thanks to Mio.

It is true that this is enemy territory.

It is obvious that the opponent is at an advantage.

“Because of Takane-kun, my spirit received damage.” (Haku)


“Me too.” (Ginebia)

And Ginebia-san also responded with slight grudge in her voice.

Takane, huh. It isn’t an Adventurer of Origin.

It is a magic power I can’t detect with Sakai, and the voice that resonates from the whole floor is definitely not that of a natural voice, it sounded artificial.

Is it the labyrinth manager, designer, or whatever it was?

“So you were buying time huh.” (Makoto)

So I was way too optimistic in thinking the timing of Rokuya-san appearing was convenient for us.


The thing we need to do the most, we have to do it in the time that we are still able to do follow-ups for Beren and the others.

While asking for the objective of them appearing before us, I form an aria without letting it out from my mouth and construct several spells.

“Sorry about this, but I will be returning the question of Tomoe-dono just now. For someone that’s trying to do a reckless fight in the enemy’s territory, you guys are way too leisure. Is that conceitedness, or maybe something that surpasses leeway?” (Rokuya)

Words that had no trace of him actually being apologetic.

But for some mysterious reason, it didn’t anger me.

“You are a rude man as always. I don’t know what you intend to do, but I would like to teach you the etiquette you have to show towards the strong.” (Mio)

‘Are you able to take it?’, is what Mio’s face was saying.

It was clearly a taunt, and also a threat.

And at almost the same time, the several presences teleported.

This is…

“What a coincidence. If possible, I would like to do that as well. Leaving aside Raidou-kun, if I had to choose between Tomoe-dono and Mio-dono, I would say Mio-dono is the easier one to deal with.” (Rokuya)

“! Is that so…” (Mio)

Not only did Rokuya-san evade the taunt of Mio, he returned it straight at her.

In my personal opinion, I feel like it would be most comfortable to fight them evasively in a group fight though.

But Mio seems like she is pretty hyped up now.

I am also bothered by the Marikosans that appeared as if encircling us.

The one that I met at the Alt floor…doesn’t seem like she is there.

“Paradise Protector, Guardian; Sharp Blade of Determination, D-Rapier; Conviction, White Card.” (Makoto)


I activated three spells in succession.

I cut off the left arm of the Magic Armor to place support magic on everyone. I went through the trouble of utilizing the spell that Shiki and Tamaki had recently thought of.

Each one respectively is: specialty enhancement, power enhancement, status ailment nullification. On top of that, thinking about how enemies might obstruct my casting, I expended the Magic Armor’s magic power to activate it, and yet, in the end, there was not a single obstruction from them.


Well, no problem with me if they are going to let me do it, but in that case, what’s up with this number of Marikosans?

Red, blue, yellow, white, black, gray…well, they are colorful.

There’s 12 surrounding us.

They are puffing out their chest and crossing their arms.

Their beards are also incredible.

Kaizer, toothbrush, chin, sides, and round.

It is like a trade fair.

“Then, Marikosans, here I go.” (Takane)


The voice of a man that’s resonating from the whole floor commanded.

The voice also felt like that of a mature woman. There’s several voices interlaced.

However, the more I see, the more I think that the Marikosans would look better without the beard.

“Invite, Duel Area.” (Takane)


As always, I couldn’t feel the flow of magic power at all.

Haku Mokuren-san and Ginebia-san suddenly disappear.

Seriously, I feel like I am fighting against a God that rules this place specifically.

Can’t take it.

But well, from the way they call it, it doesn’t seem to be the ruler here though.

“Tomoe-san?!” (Mio)

Mio’s voice.

When I turn to look at Tomoe, there was no one.

However, she is here.

I can feel the presence of Tomoe in a pretty far away place.

And there, there’s the presence of two other people.

“Forced teleportation huh. How dangerous.” (Makoto)

Invite, Duel Area.

If it’s just as the name implies, it should be like teleporting the players into a battle area like in most MMO’s.

The dungeon design itself is game-like.

The manager of this place probably gets along well with Rokuya-san and his group.

At any rate, two vs one huh.

The numbers don’t match.

“Takane, what’s the meaning of this?” (Rokuya)


So even for Rokuya, this matching was unexpected?

“It may be sudden but, there’s a change of plans. Restraining that person would be too bad of a match for Rokuya-san, so I acted on my own accord.” (Takane)

‘That person’, does it mean me?

“I am aware of that, but…I can’t just take the easy part.” (Rokuya)

And the easy part would be Mio huh.

Even if we are fighting in this place, moreover, with a restriction where killing is not victory, I think he is underestimating Mio too much.

I don’t think he has some pinpoint equipment and powers that bring him scary advantage against Mio.

“No no, she is the Calamity Black Spider. She simply obtained intelligence and a master, but that doesn’t make it easy. Well then, I am counting on you.” (Takane)

“H-Hey—!” (Rokuya)

That voice disappeared together with Rokuya-san, and…Mio.

This time, there wasn’t even a signal for the activation of the skill.

The ones left were me and the Marikosans.

C-Could it be…my opponents are these girls?

Or maybe the owner of the voice, this person called Takane?

Or there’s the possibility that they are just going to leave me alone?

I don’t have the intentions of killing anyone here, so if they are allowing me to regroup with Beren and the others to do some follow-up, that would be best.

“…Am I being left alone?” (Makoto)

“No way. Raidou -no, Misumi Makoto-kun. There’s someone for you too. The Adventurers of Origin are not only comprised of those three, you know? Well then, Invite.” (Takane)


No, Duel Area?

In an instant, the scenery changes.

The air as well.

Could it be…I alone was thrown out of the labyrinth?!

Is that also allowed?!

“Uwaaa, that’s too much for a joke. What kind of thoughts made you think I am the one most suitable to go against him, Takane-kun… Takane…that damn brat, staying silent huh.”

For now, I ignore the woman that’s fallen prostrated onto the table without looking at me.

Doesn’t seem like she has any intentions of attacking me anyways.

And so, I look around.

It is a room.

A girl’s room.

And it is close to modern Japan.

It is somewhat fancy and pink.

It is a pretty different type from my sisters.

My sister is a cushion maniac room, and my little sister is the simplistic type, or more like, I don’t understand how she decorates.

This type would be…if I remember correctly, the friend of my sister who does wrestling was similar to this. No, the room of that person was worse. Wait, that’s not it, it is not worse…but how to say it…worse? No no, it was cuter than this.

There were things like plush toys, frills, pink, the bed…it was amazing.

Right, it wasn’t horrible, it was amazing.

This is more between the line of normal, or how to say, like a more normal type of cute.


A soft rug that’s normally not seen in this world, and a low table.

It is probably a composition where you sit on the rug without using chairs.

And in reality, I am standing on it and the girl is sitting there prostrated.

If this person is an Adventurer of Origin, there’s no point in her age.

But I can’t see the age of her appearance and her face either, so I have no idea.

She does look young though.

After a while of muttering, the girl stays silent for a while and lifts her head up slowly.

Ah, young.

Around 20 years old, an outward appearance on the same generation as me.

“Nice to meet you, Makoto-san. I am Hitsuna. You probably already know but, I am one of the Adventurers of Origin. It is not something that needs to be hidden, and since we have met in this way, you probably already know, but I will be saying it, I am the first generation Priestess, even if it wasn’t my original intent. Ah, I will bring you tea quickly, so…please take off your shoes and sit.” (Hitsuna)

“Ah, don’t mind me.” (Makoto)

Hitsuna-san slowly stands up and walks pass by my side without doing anything.

There wasn’t a shred of hostility.


For now, I head to the designated place. To the table at the opposite side of where she was sitted, I take off my shoes and sit.

When I try checking the location with Sakai, I learned we are in the same floor.


The accuracy of the information gain slightly decreasing is a point that bothers me a bit, but this space itself doesn’t bring harm to me.

The thought transmission received… response from anyone.

Regarding Tomoe and Mio, I can tell that they are alright.

Since we have been separated, that means she is my opponent?

It is quite different from what I expected.

No, it is completely outside my expectations.

“Or more like, she knew my name as if it were natural. And…she is an Adventurer of Origin and the first generation Priestess huh. The other is…she is shorter than me which is rare to see aside from children.” (Makoto)

This is important.

Excluding children and certain demi-human races, there’s few people who are shorter than me with the same age appearance as me.

Just now, Hitsuna-san passed by me and she was only tall enough to reach my chin.

It felt fresh.

“Sorry for the wait. Ara, you are in seiza, what a mannered person. It is okay to relax.” (Hitsuna)

Hitsuna-san returns.

In a space of time that didn’t feel unnatural.

She places a teacup that is steaming quite a bit in front of me, puts the tray down as well, and sits down.

There’s coffee inside.

Ah, now that I think about it, Hitsuna-san’s hair color is indigo blue.

Rokuya-san and his group were things like white or silver.


“Thanks.” (Makoto)

“…Sorry. The men in our side all love coffee, so I made some out of habit. Did you like tea or black tea more?” (Hitsuya)

“No, I also like coffee as well.” (Makoto)

While responding to the words of Hitsuna-san, I noticed.

Adventurer of Origin.

Hearing that, I understood.


“First generation…Priestess?” (Makoto)


“Uhm, Hitsuna-san, you said you were the first generation Priestess just now, right?” (Makoto)

Now that it has gone through my head, it is quite the statement.

When talking about Priestess, she is referring to that one, right?

The one that is currently in the party of Senpai at the present day and is the symbol of Lorel Union.

“Yeah. We had an agreement with Root, and there were a variety of circumstances, so I left that seat not long after, but…I was a Priestess of Lorel Union, its first generation and the foundation of it.” (Hitsuna)

…The Adventurers of Origin really have a lot of talents.

Unexpected developments, meeting people with unexpected titles.

In order to calm down, I take a sip of the coffee.

Hm, it is crazy good.

If this were sold as a specialty product of the labyrinth, it would profit big.

Oops, my merchant part came out.

It is good that I am able to buy time like this, but what should I do from now on.

Seeing that I sipped the coffee, Hitsuna-san smiles as she also drinks of her own teacup.

It has the scent of plum tea.


And so…we have finally reached this point.

The ending of Tsuki ga Michi.

Let’s be clear about this, it is not that this is the actual end, it simply means we have caught up with the most up-to-date chapter, and the author hasn’t updated for a good while.

So that means, until the author releases a new chapter, this will be a temporal end for Tsuki.

I really want to thank everyone for the support I have received.

I know, I say that all the time, but seriously, no matter how many times I say it, it wouldn’t be enough.

At first, I simply wanted to practice my japanese, so I picked the first Isekai manga I found that had no translation, and it was Tsuki ga Michibiku. Hell, it was a lot harder than expected and extremely taxing, I also noticed my english was terrible (which is something I was actually proud of, lol).

Really, translating takes a lot of hours a day, and I have to say, if it wasn’t for you guys and your support, I wouldn’t have been able to continue bringing out more chapters. Reading your comments, whether they were about the chapter or not, brought a smile to my face. Even the discussions and negative comments, and the small ‘thanks for the chapter!’, they really help a lot. So if you like the works of other translators, make sure to thank them. It may not sound like much, but those small things add up.

Once again, thank you for the support. And not to forget the donators and the patreons. Oh boy, I wasn’t really expecting them to blow me away. Especially the sponsored chapters. Really, the number of sponsored chapters were stacking up faster than I could juice them out. It mind boggled me.

I did say it was the end, but an end simply marks a new beginning.

I will be announcing a new project which you all know I have been searching for. Tons of suggestions were given to me, and I am really thankful.

In 3 days, I will publish a post announcing what novel it will be. There, I will write about the new format I will be utilizing for that new novel.

I hope a few of you guys stick along on this journey to a new parallel world!

See you guys in the next one!

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